1. Who can attend Worldfest?

Anyone and everyone! The annual AIS Worldfest is an open event for all to come out and enjoy this outdoor festival of celebrating different cultures and foods (more than 30 countries will be represented this year, so make sure you come hungry).  Bring your friends, grandparents, neighbors, co-workers, etc., the more the merrier!


2. Is there an entry fee for Worldfest?

 Worldfest is a free entrance AIS signature event, however, the food and activities do cost money. Please check out our WF SHOP to purchase tickets, activity bands and merchandise in advance. 


3. What is available for purchase at Worldfest?

Although there is not an entrance fee for the event, these are the various offerings for purchase:

  • Taste of Nations tickets - One ticket has a $1 value. Tickets are sold at the event at the Ticketing Booths and in the Tickets & Merchandise online store prior to the event. The Taste of Nations tables do not take money/cards directly (they only take tickets) because this will slow down the serving line at each table.
  • Craft & Play Bands - $15 per band (see below for details)
  • WF Merchandise - Worldfest T-Shirts are available for $15. The logo and art are designed by this year's winners of the AIS student WF T-Shirt design competition. 


4. How many Taste of Nations tickets should I purchase?


One of the best things about Worldfest is going around to the various Taste of Nations tables to try cuisines from different countries and cultures. The dishes will range from $1 - $10, with the majority of the items in the $8 range. We recommend 20 tickets ($20 worth) per adult and perhaps less for kids. Of course, we encourage you to purchase more tickets if you want a full experience of tasting more cuisines.


5. What are the unlimited "Craft & Play" Bands?

If you have kiddos that love to bounce and art, they will love these new bands because this gives them unlimited turns on the bounce house, American football obstacle course, rock wall, gets their face painted and hand decorated with henna and participate in a fun craft activity.  This year, the craft & play bands will be used in lieu of the traditional tickets.


6. Can I buy tickets or merchandise before the event?

Absolutely! We are excited to bring back the online tickets and merchandise store again this year.  When you purchase tickets and/or merchandise through the online store, we will endeavor to get your orders to you prior to the event. (That way you don't have to stand in the Will Call line). If it's not possible to get the orders to you, perhaps you are placing an order last minute, then your purchases will be waiting for you at the Worldfest Will Call.



7. How do I pick up my online merchandise and ticketing orders?

If you pre-ordered your WF tickets or merchandise online, the WF Team will deliver your order to you (via your student) the week of Worldfest. Once you have placed your order, we will email you to coordinate/confirm delivery.

If we are not able to get your order to you prior to Worldfest, then your order will be waiting for you at Will Call.  This year, the WF Will Call will be stationed close to the entrance of Worldfest (back gate) along the path leading to the Worldfest festivities. Will Call will be well marked, you can't miss us! Please come to Will Call prepared with your order number, this will help expedite the merchandise/ticketing hand out process.


8. Will there be Afternoon Carpool Sales this year?

Yes, we plan to sell WF Merch AND Tickets the Thursday and Friday prior to Worldfest, during the afternoon carpools. The sales will take place during all of the carpool lines and time (i.e., ELC, PS, SS).  Carpool sales will be accepting cash as well as credit card payments.


9. Which countries will be represented this year at the Taste of Nations tables?

This year, we are thrilled to having the following countries represented at Worldfest ... Brazil, India, Eastern Europe (various countries), France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, UK, Ireland, Australia, Mexico, USA, Canada, China, Georgia, Ethiopia, Czech Republic,  Caribbean (various countries), Korea, Colombia, Italy, Greece, Venezuela, Argentina, Taiwan, Turkey, Ethiopia, MENA (Middle Eastern & North Africa ), Peru and Israel.


10. How do I volunteer for Worldfest?


We would love for you to be part of the Worldfest team! This is truly a very organic, AIS community driven event and it literally takes a village to make this wonderful event happen. Check out this link to see where you can help out.

Additionally, whether it is this year or at a future Worldfest event, if you would like to see a country represented (that is not in the line up), please consider volunteering to lead the table.  This is a very AIS parent driven event, if you are passionate about being represented at Worldfest, we can work together to make it happen!


11. What happens to the leftover food at Worldfest?

As part of the annual Worldfest tradition, there will be $10 take away boxes for sale prior to the closing of Worldfest and you can go around and help yourselves to any food at the Taste of Nations tables. The delicious food will make great leftovers! (And this is a great way to spend any remaining tickets you may have).


12. What happens to all of the money the event makes?

Good question and as you can imagine, an event of this size takes a lot of monetary resources.  Even though a great deal of the food and beverages are donated (thank you!), there are other purchases and invoices that need to be paid. All of the money made at all of the Worldfest events goes back to pay for the event and whatever access is leftover goes into the general Parent Organization Fund for future events. 


13. Where to park and where to enter?

Please find parking either in the neighborhood or in one of AIS's parking lots.  If you live in the area, please consider walking or biking. The main entrance to the event is the back gate by the soccer fields (behind the school). 


14.  What if it rains the day of Worldfest?

Let's just cross our fingers for a gorgeous Worldfest Day! But if it rains, we will have to pivot. It is a rain or shine event, but if it does rain, the event may have to be moved inside AIS. Please stay tuned to this website, AIS Instagram(s), PO Communications, etc. for any rain updates as the big day approaches.


15. What activities are available for kids at Worldfest?

This year, we will have the following line up for kids:

  • Bouncy houses 
  • American football throw game and obstacle course 
  • Arts & Crafts station lead by our TAC team(
  • Face painting
  • Henna painting (for kids & adults)


16. Who do I email if I have a Worldfest related question?

Taste of Nations// General WF questions: Sara Bruce, WF Co-Chair (worldfest@aischool.org

Ticketing & Merch:  Cheryl Yul-Behrenwaldt, WF Co-Chair (worldfest.ais@gmail.com